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The S+D METALS Group is one of the leading European stockists of high-performance metallic materials such as

- Titanium and Titanium Alloys
- Nickel and Cobalt Alloys
- Stainless Steel for Aerospace.



Material blanks using water jet technology

You don't just need standard and rectangular blanks?

Would you like to leave the next processing step to a reliable and professional partner?

In cooperation with our partner company TOVAB, also family-run, with many years of experience especially in the field of water jet cutting, we offer you the maximum precision production of blanks according to your drawing in DXF or CAD format.

The existing machinery offers maximum service in the field of water jet cutting. Modern machines process titanium sheets and plates using two cutting heads. The contact area is up to 9,000 mm x 3,000 mm and cuts up to 200 mm thick. Material-friendly and environmentally friendly water jet blanks are produced using 4,000-6,000 bar in high quality and a time and cost efficient manner according to customer requirements.

In addition to water jet cutting, we are also happy to have cut-outs, drill holes and threaded holes cut into the material you require at your request.

Processing metal strips

If you wish to process titanium or nickel strips, we at S+D METALS can also support you in this area with the help of our reliable and experienced partner in Germany.

They can split and straighten 0.3-3 mm thick strips and make a transverse cut. As a result, we can produce sheet metal for you in the dimensions you want.

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