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Close up of a water-cooled saw blade

We saw high-performance materials such as titanium, titanium & nickel alloys, and special stainless steel for you with our extensive and modern machine park.


S+D Service Center - Cut to size according to customer drawings

Material blanks from plates and round bars

S+D METALS is more than just a stockist.
We are happy to help you save time and additional work steps in your company. At our service centre in Stelle near Hamburg we can offer you high-quality material blanks within no time at all using our extensive, modern machinery.

At S+D METALS, we attach great importance not only to stocking the highest quality material, but also to the next processing step. We use numerous band saws from the Behringer company.

High performance band saw up to 1,060 x 1,060 mm flat and 1,060 mm round

Since summer 2019, the new Behringer HPE 1060A Performance high-performance band saw weighing 16 t in total has opened up new horizons for blanks at S+D METALS, as it can cut material up to a width of 1,060 mm. The cutting speed and servo-regulated feed are based on an auto-feed control system, which enables the saw to operate fully automatically. As a result, we can ensure shorter order processing times and increased operating capacity at the same time. What’s more, due to the fact that a cutting pressure control system measures the cutting force at the saw blade, thus avoiding overload, the high-quality material is cut without putting too much strain on it.

Plate saw up to 2,000 x 6,000 mm

One of Europe's largest fully automatic plate saws for titanium plates was put into operation at our service centre in 2013. The Behringer type LPS 25-125-6A saw with a total length of approx. 10 m can cut titanium plates with a format of up to 2,000 mm x 6,000 mm to customer requirements. Due to its movable cutting head, cutting is fully automatic and guarantees short lead times and delivery times. The plate saw can cut plates up to a height of 155 mm during the working day and is designed for the large-series production. In addition to cutting titanium materials to size, it can also cut nickel materials to size.

Small plate saw

The Behringer LPS 40-T1500 can cut plates up to 1,520 mm long, up to 680 mm wide and up to 155 mm thick during the working day. It is the ideal supplement for the production of small parts, custom blanks and small series.

Bar saws

We have also been relying on the Behringer brand for bar saws for years. Our modern HBP series saws allow for single and series blanks from round bars from 6 m long up to 450 mm diameter.

Plate shears

The EHT TSS 10-31 plate shears can cut high-performance materials up to 3,050 mm long and 3 mm thick.

Compliance with quality standards/quality norms

Due to our extensive machinery, we are able to meet various customer requirements in a short period of time and in compliance with the EN 9120 aviation certification's quality requirements based on ISO 9001.

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