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Machine for cross-cutting strips into sheets

Slitting, straightening, and cutting to length of strips according to your specifications. Save time and a processing step!


Machining of coils

As an integrated service in our range of products, we offer you machined coils made of titanium and nickel.

For this, we draw on the many years of experience of our contractual partner Norder Band und Blech GmbH in Germany. This additional service includes slitting, cross-cutting and foiling of the coils stored by us on site.

On request, we can, after explicit agreement, maintain precision tolerances with regard to the desired lengths and widths to be made up.

Foiling is carried out on one side as standard for our sheet metal warehouse, otherwise on customer request. You are welcome to discuss with us the desired foiling, e.g. double-sided foiling, and also the foil thickness, which is adapted to your processes.

Foiling usually protects the surface, serves in many cases as an additional drawing aid and thus relieves your tools.

Following our high-quality processing, the sheets are automatically stacked and a complex packaging process for sheets and coils is carried out to ensure that the delivery is damage-free.

Our partner Norder Band und Blech GmbH is certified according to

- Quality management system: ISO 9001

- Environmental management system: DIN EN ISO 14001

- Environmental protection with energy management: ISO 50001

We supervise the work on site ourselves, so that the above-mentioned processes are subject to our control.

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