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Titanium coils lined up in the warehouse

Pure titanium Grade 1 with very good ductility and very good cold formability, suitable for deep drawing


Titanium Grade 1 Data sheet

ASTM B265 | ASME SB265 | ASTM F67 | ISO 5832-2 | 3.7025 | UNS R50250

Pure titanium Grade 1 is characterized by very good ductility and, as a result, very good cold formability, which makes the material suitable for deep drawing. Titanium Grade 1 is known for its excellent general and seawater corrosion resistance and offers high corrosion resistance in oxidizing, neutral and mildly reducing media (solutions) including chlorides.
Titanium’s low density (about half that of nickel-based alloys), high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance make it an ideal material for many corrosive chemical environments.

Product forms for Titanium Grade 1 | ASTM B265 | ASTM F67

Dimensions from 0.50 x 1250 mm to 4.00 x 1250 mm available in stock
  • 0,50 x 1250,00 mm
  • 0,60 x 1250,00 mm
  • 0,70 x 1250,00 mm
  • 0,80 x 1250,00 mm
  • 0,90 x 1250,00 mm
  • 1,00 x 1250,00 mm
  • 1,20 x 1250,00 mm
  • 1,50 x 1250,00 mm
  • 2,00 x 1250,00 mm
  • 3,00 x 1250,00 mm
  • 4,00 x 1250,00 mm

Areas of application for Titan Grade 1 | ASTM B265 | ASTM F67

Chemical and maritime industries, pharmaceuticals, medical technology.


Characteristics Titanium Grade 1 | ASTM B265 | ASTM F67

Chemical composition - limits in % (ASTM B265 latest edition)

Ti Rest
Fe max. 0,20
O max. 0,18
C max. 0,08
N max. 0,03
H max. 0,015

Physical constants and thermal properties

Density 4,51g/cm²
Melting point 1670°C
Beta transus temperature 888 ± 4°C
Thermal conductivity at 20°C 16 W/ m°C

Typical mechanical properties (at room temperature for ASTM B265)

Yield strength min. 138, max. 310 MPa
Tensile strength min. 240 MPa
Elongation min. 24%

All information is subject to change without notice. The properties correspond to the material in the heading. They may vary for other specifications. Please contact us for more details.


Material cutting:

S+D METALS is more than just a stockist. Save time and a processing step by letting S+D METALS cut your coils, sheets, plates, and round bars to size according to your specifications in S+D METALS own machine park or by one of our capable partners. All this within the shortest time possible.

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