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Special stainless steel round bars

Ultra-high-strength, maraging special stainless steel through precipitation of the intermetallic phases from tough, almost carbon-free nickel-martensite matrix


MA 300 | 1.6354 - Data sheet

UNS K93120 | AMS 6514 | WL 1.6354

Maraging 300 is a cobalt-containing martensitic age-hardening steel that offers very high strength with moderate toughness. This steel is suitable for use at temperatures up to 450°C and maintains constant notch impact properties at temperatures down to -50°C. Maraging 300 has a martensitic microstructure in the annealed state and achieves its high strength through precipitation heat treatment at a relatively low temperature. Maraging 300 is used for highly dynamic components in aviation and aerospace, high-performance motorsports and precision engineering.

Product forms for MA 300 | 1.6354

Round bars
Dimensions from 23,00 mm available in stock
  • 23,00 mm Ø

Areas of application for MA 300 | 1.6354

Ball bearings, high performance components for motorsports, tools, drive shafts and gears.


Characteristics MA 300 | 1.6354

Chemical composition - limits in %

Fe Rest
Ni 18,00 - 19,00
Co 8,00 - 9,50
Mo 4,60 - 5,20
Ti 0,55 - 0,80
Al 0,05 - 0,15
Mn max. 0,10
Si max. 0,10
C max. 0,03
S max. 0,010

Physical constants and thermal properties

Density 8,0 g/cm³
Melting point 1410 °C
Thermal conductivity at 20°C 25,5 W/m · °C
Elongation coefficient at
11,3 μm/m · °C

Minimum mechanical properties per WL 1.6354 (room temperature, fully heat treated condition)

Yield strength 1910 MPa
Tensile strength 1960 MPa
Elongation 4,5 % longitudinal direction
3,5 % transverse direction

All information is subject to change without notice. The properties correspond to the material in the heading. They may vary for other specifications. Please contact us for more details.



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Material cutting:

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