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Cobalt Alloy L-605 round bars of various diameters

Cobalt Alloy L-605 with excellent high temperature strength, oxidation resistance and good sulfidation resistance.


ALLOY L-605 | 2.4964 - Data sheet

UNS R30605 | AMS 5759 | DMD 0415-22

Alloy L-605 is a cobalt-based alloy with additions of chromium, tungsten and nickel for excellent high temperature strength and oxidation resistance as well as good sulfidation resistance. Alloy L-605 can be used in oxidizing high temperature environments at operating temperatures up to 1093°C. It also has good wear and abrasion resistance. This combination of properties makes Alloy L-605 ideal for use in aviation and aerospace applications as well as in land-based gas turbines.

Product forms for ALLOY L-605 | 2.4964

Round bars
Dimensions from 16,00 mm to 31,75 mm Diameter available in stock
  • 16,00 mm Ø
  • 20,00 mm Ø
  • 25,40 mm Ø
  • 31,75 mm Ø

Areas of application for ALLOY L-605 | 2.4964

Gas turbine rings and blades, combustor components, ball bearings and industrial furnace equipment.


Characteristics ALLOY L-605 | 2.4964

Chemical composition - limits in %

Co Rest
Cr 19,00 - 21,00
W 14,00 - 16,00
Ni 9,00 - 11,00
Fe max. 3,00
Mn 1,00 - 1,20
Si max. 0,40
C 0,05 - 0,15
P max. 0,04
S max. 0,03

Physical constants and thermal properties

Density 9,27 g/cm³
Melting point 1330 - 1410 °C
Thermal conductivity 9,4 W/m · °C
Coefficient of expansion
at 21 - 93°C
13 μm/m · °C

Typical mechanical properties (room temperature)

Yield strength min. 460 MPa
Tensile strength min. 1000 MPa
Elongation min. 50%

All information is subject to change without notice. The properties correspond to the material in the heading. They may vary for other specifications. Please contact us for more details.



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