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Collage of different materials and product forms

Superalloys, special alloys, aerospace materials and their properties under different environmental conditions with corresponding data sheets


Materials: Metal alloys for high performance applications

As a reliable and trustworthy supplier, S+D places high requirements on quality throughout the entire value chain. Our stock range includes high quality materials that are able to withstand your most demanding applications.

Every material has its own special features. Learn more about the details of the products and the applicable standards. We would be happy to answer your questions!

Materials: Titanium

Storage of titanium plates and titanium round bars in high quality wood packaging

Pure titanium is characterized by high corrosion resistance, but is not as resistant to wear as titanium alloys. As the grade increases, the amount of alloying elements increases, and the mechanical properties increase accordingly: For example, Grade 1 has good formability, while Grade 4 has the highest strength.

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Materials: Titanium alloys

Storage of titanium alloys in the form of plates and round bars

Titanium alloys use different alloying additions that effect the properties of the materials in various ways.

The high strength-to-weight ratio of titanium alloys allows considerable weight savings. For this reason, it is frequently used in areas where maximizing the load capacity is an essential requirement.

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Materials: Nickel and cobalt alloys

Storage of nickel alloys as round bars

Nickel-based alloys, as the name suggests, have nickel as their main component. In alloys, alloying elements are introduced to optimise corrosion resistance, strength or high temperature resistance as demanded by the application.

Cobalt alloys, on the other hand, have other strengths. They are characterized by good properties such as high temperature strength, oxidation resistance, and sulfidation resistance.

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Materials: Special stainless steel

Special stainless steel round bars in stock

While conventional stainless steel is used in a wide range of everyday products, we only offer high alloy stainless steel, which is only used in demanding applications. It offers a wide range of combinations of high strength, hardness, excellent corrosion resistance, and ease of manufacture. For this reason, it is primarily used in environments characterized by extreme temperatures, pressure, and other demanding environmental conditions.

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Material cutting:

S+D METALS is more than just a stockist. Save time and a processing step by letting S+D METALS cut your coils, sheets, plates, and round bars to size according to your specifications in S+D METALS own machine park or by one of our capable partners. All this within the shortest time possible.

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