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Successful completion of apprenticeship at S+D METALS: Insights and congratulations to Christoph Storjohann

Christoph Storjohann

We warmly congratulate Christoph Storjohann on his successful completion as a specialist for warehouse logistics at S+D Metals! With special recognition, we note that he passed his final examination with a perfect grade of 1. His outstanding achievement is a remarkable accomplishment and showcases his dedication and abilities.

The time he spent with us was characterised by interesting experiences and diverse challenges, which he shared with us in a brief interview:

How did you experience the apprenticeship at S+D Metals overall?
Christoph: The apprenticeship at S+D Metals was very interesting and diverse. I had the opportunity to delve into various areas of work and gain valuable experiences along the way.

What was the most interesting thing you learned during your apprenticeship at S+D Metals?
Christoph: For me, operating the forklift trucks was particularly fascinating. It required a lot of concentration and a sense of responsibility to operate these powerful machines safely and efficiently.

How did S+D Metals support and motivate you to give your best during your apprenticeship?
Christoph: S+D Metals provided me with an excellent entry into the working world and supported me throughout. I had dedicated colleagues who were always there to lend a helping hand and encouraged me to reach my full potential.

What were the biggest challenges you faced during your apprenticeship, and how did you overcome them?
Christoph: The transition from school to the working world was a significant challenge. However, thanks to the energetic support of my colleagues, I quickly found my way in the new work environment. Together, we overcame obstacles and mastered challenges.

How did the apprenticeship at S+D Metals change your perspective on the industry or working life in general?
Christoph: The apprenticeship at S+D Metals expanded my perspective on the industry and working life in general. I gained a deeper insight into the workflow of the metal processing industry and learned how crucial teamwork and dedication are for a company's success.

In conclusion, we would like to congratulate Christoph warmly on his successful completion and his promotion to a full-fledged warehouse employee at S+D Metals. His performance and dedication deserve recognition.

We are happy working with young, talented people and motivated apprentices like Christoph in our team. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and facing the upcoming challenges together.


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