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S+D METALS Stock Program: Surface Technology

S+D METALS offers an extensive pure titanium stock range for surface treatment. Surface treatment protects products against abrasion and corrosion or enhance their appearance. Our titanium is used for construction of jigs for anodising, electropolishing and hot-dip galvanising. Surface technology is part of the production chain in the aviation, automotive, furniture, bathroom fittings as well as in many other areas of our daily life.

S+D METALS has focused on the sub-areas of anodising, hot-dip galvanising and electropolishing and supports the production of jigs with a very comprehensive stock range. Titanium jigs are characterized by a long lifespan as well as cost and time savings since titanium jigs do not have to be pickled.

Furthermore, S+D METALS stocks the titanium screws, nuts and washers most frequently required in surface technology.

Our product manager for surface treatment Dorothea Röhrig will be pleased to advise you which grades and sizes are suitable for your application.

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