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S+D METALS Sponsoring: Formula Student RUB

S+D METALS has been supporting research and development projects for young talents regulary over the last years. This year we are supporting the engaged Formula Student Team of the Ruhr-University Bochum by donating our high-performance materials.

Formula Student

Formula Student is an international construction competition for students where teams design a formula racing car and produce a competitive prototype. Besides the design and the racing performance, the financial planning and marketing strategy are also evaluated and recorded in a business plan. The main focus is on interdisciplinary cooperation between students in engineering and economics. Students are enabled to apply and develop theoretical knowledge in a practical way.

The jury consists of experts from motorsport, automotive, and supplier industries. The presentation outside the race track is followed by a series of performance tests on the race track. Only a convincing overall performance can lead to success. S+D METALS hopes to support the Formula Student Team of the RUB on their way to success with our high-performance material donation, according to our philosophy "supporting your success".


Titanium in racing

Titanium in racing

Titanium is a popular material for high-quality exhaust systems in automobiles due to its numerous advantages. Combining the oxidation resistance of our titanium special grade Ti KS 1.2 ASN with weight savings and unbeatable tensile strength, titanium exhaust systems can be found in almost every first-class sports car. Titanium's oxidation resistance and creep resistance prove their worth as exhaust systems can reach up to 750 °C in modern diesel engines and up to 950 °C in petrol engines. In addition, the good formability of cp titanium such as Grade 1, Grade 2 and the special Exhaust Grade TIKS 1.2ASN facilitates the manufacturing process and enables effective time savings in production.

Moreover, further components are decisive details in competition regarding every modern racing car. The reason for this is once again primarily the exceptionally low weight in combination with a high tensile strength of titanium. With simultaneous corrosion resistance, titanium is about 40% lighter than steel and thus enables an important weight saving.

If you have any questions, our product manager for the automotive sector Andreas Conraths will be pleased to help you.


S+D METALS wishes the Formula Student Team of the Ruhr University Bochum lots of success and fun for the upcoming competitions!

Titanium in racing

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