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S+D METALS Environmental Protection: Sponsorship for a Bee Colony in Düsseldorf

As a family-run company, S+D METALS believes in its corporate social responsibility and puts emphasis on social commitment and sustainability. Therefore, we take over the sponsorship of a bee colony in Düsseldorf to contribute to local environmental protection.


Bees as a key figure in our ecosystem

Bees play a key role in our ecosystem, however, an average of 20% of bee colonies in Europe die every year. Examples of reasons are the use of monocultures and pesticides in agriculture and forestry, which means that bees are finding increasingly fewer habitats in rural areas. S+D METALS would like to help in counteracting this.


S+D METALS takes over the sponsorship of a bee colony

We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to local nature and animal protection by taking over the sponsorship of a bee colony in Düsseldorf. Our beehive is looked after by the Krenz-Maes beekeepers, who have been passionately beekeeping for five generations and are committed to bee conservation. S+D METALS is very pleased to support this fantastic work.


S+D METALS own honey

S+D METALS is excited about the honey that our small 50,000 bee sponsors will produce locally and sustainably for us in the coming months. We will be able to enjoy our first jars of honey as early as this winter.


S+D METALS would like to thank the Krenz-Maes beekeepers for their great work!

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