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Our new bandsaw: investing in our customer service

At S+D, we are always working to improve our customer service, as well as to make forward-thinking investments.

As a supplement to our machine park, this new bandsaw not only offers us the opportunity to respond to customer requests in an even more personal manner, but also to guarantee our exceptionally short delivery time.

Why a Behringer HBE 1060A Performance?

This high-performing bandsaw won us over with its powerful cutting capacity of 1060 x 1060 mm flat and 1060 mm round.

The cutting speed and the servo-regulated feed are based on an auto-feed control system, which enables the saw to operate fully automatically. This means that the time for your order can be reduced even further, and our capacity be increased.

What’s more, due to the fact that a cutting pressure control system measures the cutting force at the saw blade – thus avoiding overload – the tool is cut without putting too much strain on the material.

Saving time while ensuring even greater quality – two good reasons to expand our range of machines.


Machine is lifted by the crane
Machine is lifted by the crane

On 04 July our new high-performance bandsaw arrived in Stelle in our service centre under a bright blue sky.

The construction of a machine in the weight class of around 16,000 kg is an exciting event every time and involves teamwork. With energetic help, the Behringer HBE1060A Performance was unloaded without any problems and transported to the production floor of our company.

The preparations

Earlier, the necessary area was planned with the help of drawings and digital programs. The high-performance bandsaw is about 8m long, 4.8m wide and 3.6m high, including all attachments (such as infeed and outfeed).

Just in time before delivery, the necessary space was created by moving another machine. The necessary energy supply was also ensured.


Mechanics are standing in front of the machine

The delivered components were assembled and firmly connected to the foundation.

In the next days the necessary work for the exact alignment of the machine followed to ensure perfect cutting results. Meanwhile, the first cuts were made under extensive control using the installed laser software.

Our qualified team was instructed under the expert guidance of a trained employee of the manufacturer.

We thank all participants and our service center for the excellent cooperation and the successful commissioning of our Behringer HBE1060A Performance.

Behringer HBE 1060A Performance

Our machine park

Behringer HBE 1060A Performance

Our machine park at our service centre in Stelle consists of plate saws – capable of processing plates up to 2000x6000 mm in size – and bar saws for round material and plate shears.

Our machine park was opened in 2002 and, since then, has continued to grow constantly alongside our ISO-certified company.

When it comes to processing strips, these are cut to length and split in cooperation with an experienced contractual partner.

Water jet cutting

In order to be able to create custom blanks in accordance with customer drawings, we cooperate with a reliable contractual partner.

Our contractual partner is unique in that they boast Europe’s most modern machine park.

Here, titanium and steel up to 9x3 metres in size can be cut using a water jet with 4,000-6,000 bars of pressure – a method which minimises the amount of strain placed on the material. Some advantages of this are: time efficiency, cost effectiveness, eco-friendliness and quality assurance through the avoidance of stress and chemical damage.

Behringer HBE 1060A Performance


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We supply a wide range of markets

Our stock programme provides services to the chemical industry, the medical technology industry, the aviation industry and the electroplating industry, as well as a wide range of markets, for example the automotive industry, the turbine construction industry or the offshore technology industry. Further fields of application are plant and equipment manufacturing.

The S+D quality management system is certified in accordance to DIN EN 9120 which is based on ISO 9001:2015.

Our S+D team is comprised of product specialists who boast extensive industry experience within our various areas of expertise.

Feel free to contact us with regard to your individual requests!

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