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On March 21st, the International Forest Day is celebrated worldwide

The significance of this day lies in highlighting the need to preserve and protect our forests. These ecosystems play a crucial role in our survival and the well-being of our environment. In this article, we would like to explain the main reasons for preserving our forests.

Forests are important ecosystems that are crucial not only for the survival of many plant and animal species but also for human well-being. Forests produce oxygen and filter pollutants from the air, regulate the climate, and protect the soil from erosion. They also provide shelter for endangered species and are important sources of water.

Unfortunately, forests are still being destroyed worldwide to make way for agriculture and settlements. This not only has negative effects on the environment but also contributes to climate change and the survival of many plant and animal species. It is therefore important that we take action to preserve our forests and prevent their destruction.

To this end, S+D made a donation to the Plant-My-Tree Foundation in 2022 on the occasion of its 25th anniversary to plant 250 trees. Plant-My-Tree is a foundation with the goal of increasing the forest cover worldwide. The foundation works closely with local communities and organizations to plant trees and promote forest preservation.

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