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Internship for students at S+D METALS

S+D METALS continuously offers school internships in Stelle and Düsseldorf. We were happy to welcome a motivated student intern in Düsseldorf and showing him the working world at S+D. METALS.

Our experienced team is always happy to pass on its expertise to the next generation and is happy to support first steps into careers. Thereby, S+D METALS enables different insights into different departments and product areas.

We are pleased that our student intern answered a few questions for us:


Which departments were you able to get to know?

"The time at S+D METALS was really interesting! I was able to get to know international sales, processing and marketing in Düsseldorf. In sales, I learned a lot about the exciting product area of surface technology and the process of preparing a quotation through to booking an order. In marketing, I was able to gain diverse insights into various marketing projects and social media marketing. I was able to learn a lot of really great things and take them with me.“

Would you recommend the student internship at S+D METALS?

"Definitely! The fact that I really dealt with new topics every day and I met new nice people made the internship really exciting and enjoyable. It was really a great experience for me."

What did you like best about the internship at S+D?

"One of the highlights of the school internship at S+D was definitely the surface technology. With Ms Röhrig, I looked at some processes for the surface treatment of metals, such as anodising, which really fascinated me. In general, I can say that every day was a highlight in itself and it was a lot of fun here."

What can you take away from your internship at S+D?

"When I started the internship, I didn't really know what was meant by high-performance materials and how they are used. Now, a week later, it's completely different. I was able to take away much more than just that... The internship also showed me how a company is structured and how many different departments there are. Really a very great experience to have here."

In addition to internships for school students, S+D METALS also offers apprenticeships every year. We are looking for committed apprentices for 2022 for Stelle and Düsseldorf. Mrs. Anke Jung (a.jung@sd-metals.com) is always happy to receive your application if you would like to complete an apprenticeship as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade management (m/f/d), an apprenticeship as a specialist in warehouse logistics (m/f/d) or an internship at S+D METALS.

This year S+D METALS is expecting two more interns.

We look forward to meeting you!

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