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I am delighted to share with you my experience during my three-month internship at S+D Metals in Düsseldorf. Throughout this exciting period, I gained valuable experience in the areas of sales, operations, and marketing, and had the opportunity to delve into the versatile world of high-performance materials.

My first day at S+D Metals was a thrilling mix of nervousness and anticipation. However, the warm welcome from the team immediately dispelled my nervousness. In addition, I found a heartfelt welcome letter and a thoughtfully assembled welcome package at my workstation, which I regarded as an exceptionally special gesture. The friendly atmosphere within the team contributed to my sense of acceptance and belonging from the very beginning. This integration motivated me to continuously advance my personal development and contribute my knowledge to the team.

During my internship, I had the chance to work on exciting marketing projects. One of my greatest challenges was conducting extensive market research in the automotive industry. However, with the valuable support and collaboration of my team, I successfully tackled these tasks. I gained fascinating insights into the various industries we serve, including aerospace, industrial, medical technology, surface technology, as well as the automotive and motorsport sectors. These experiences heightened my appreciation for the versatility of titanium and titanium alloys. I learned how these materials are used in aerospace for lightweight structures and in medical technology for implants and hip joints. In surface technology, they contribute to the production of high-quality coatings, while in the automotive and motorsport sector, they are valued for their strength and lightness. These cross-industry insights expanded my professional horizon and reinforced my belief that titanium and titanium alloys are essential elements in the modern high-tech industry.

One of my special highlights was my visit to the headquarters in Stelle, where the warehouse and service center are located. The tour was extremely fascinating, as I was provided with detailed explanations of material storage. The opportunity to see, touch, and observe the high-quality cutting machines was impressive. I also had the wonderful chance to meet the dedicated warehouse staff. They took the time to explain their work and processes to me. Together, we took a group photo, which serves as a special memory of the warm welcome.

Another highlight was my participation in the Hydrogen Technology Expo fair in Bremen, where we showcased our high-performance materials. This opportunity provided a deep insight into the world of hydrogen and emphasized the immense importance of solutions and innovations for environmentally friendly hydrogen production. The fair was incredibly exciting and inspiring.

The teamwork was truly impressive. Regular team meetings where we discussed questions and exchanged ideas were a crucial part of my time at S+D Metals. The willingness to help and support from all team members consistently motivated and inspired me. It was a significant factor in the success of my internship.

This internship has equipped me with valuable skills for my future career in industrial engineering, including an understanding of titanium alloys, effective communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

If I had to choose an internship again, I would always choose S+D Metals. It was an incredibly enriching experience that has advanced me personally and professionally. My heartfelt thanks go to the entire S+D team for their tremendous support and the valuable insights I gained.

See in the video for my fondest memories from my time at S+D Metals.


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