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"Change your password" day

picture with different password suggestions

February 1st is the day of the secure password and I would like to take this opportunity to talk about how important it is to be safe on the internet. A secure password is the first step in protecting your data and your privacy. A secure password should consist of at least 8 characters and include letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using your name, address, or other personal information in your password as these are easily guessed. It is also important to regularly change your password to ensure that no one else has access to your accounts.

To help you create a secure password, I have an example for you: ILoveS+DMetals@2023! This password is long enough, includes letters, numbers, and special characters, and is still easy to remember. Use this as inspiration and create your own secure password that you can use for your accounts. Please remember that your password is the first step towards greater security on the internet. Be cautious when online and always use secure passwords to protect your data and privacy.

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