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🚀 Aerospace: Interview with Piotr Jurkiewicz 🚀

Piotr Jurkiewicz, our Product Manager for Aerospace, gave an interview to "Edelstahl Aktuell". Discover how our high-performance materials drive the aerospace industry.

🛫 Empowering Progress with the Right Materials

In a world where mobility is paramount, high-quality materials are crucial. Piotr explains how our titanium, nickel, and specialty stainless steels advance technological breakthroughs in the aerospace sector.

✈️ Above the Skies: Where Our Materials Shine

Piotr reveals how our materials not only power robust spacecraft but also engines and innovative technologies. Our materials meet the rigorous demands of the aviation industry, from strength to heat and corrosion resistance.

🤝 Strong Partnerships for Sustainable Success

Our longstanding relationships with industry leaders attest to our quality and reliability. Flexibility and stock availability enable us to cater to customer needs and deliver high-performance materials reliably.

🛡️ Securing Skies with EN 9120

Safety is paramount in aerospace. Piotr proudly elaborates on how our EN 9120 certification underscores our commitment to quality and safety. This certification ensures that our materials meet the industry's highest standards and strictest safety protocols.

💎 EN 9120: Customer Benefits

Our EN 9120 certification offers numerous benefits to customers: highest quality and safety standards, transparent supply chains, and optimized processes. Trust in our material quality fosters efficient, secure projects.

Curious to learn more? Read the complete interview in the September issue of "Edelstahl Aktuell".

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