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40 Years of Partnership & Innovation: A Journey through the Shared History of Uwe Friebertshäuser & Kobe Steel

40 Years of Partnership & Innovation: A Journey through the Shared History of Uwe Friebertshäuser & Kobe Steel

Dear Customers, Business Partners, and Friends of S+D METALS,

Today, we would like to share a very special announcement. Our esteemed colleague, Uwe Friebertshäuser, was recently honored by Kobe Steel Ltd, our long-standing Japanese manufacturer of high-performance materials, for his exceptional contributions and decades-long collaboration.

Unfortunately, Uwe could not personally attend the award ceremony on June 28th due to business commitments. Nevertheless, he took the time to write a heartfelt thank-you letter on the occasion of this recognition.

Take a deep dive into the long history of partnership and innovation between S+D METALS and Kobe Steel. Uwe looks back on an impressive four decades of collaboration with Kobe Steel, with nearly half of that time dedicated to this partnership with S+D METALS.

During this period, he witnessed the changes and advancements in the titanium industry up close. From his early days as a young sales representative to his contributions to the successful introduction of Kobe Steel's products in various industries, Uwe has always valued the innovation and support provided by Kobe Steel.

It is remarkable how Uwe and Kobe Steel together opened up new markets, developed innovative solutions, and consistently ensured the highest quality and technical support. This long-standing partnership has not only significantly influenced our business but also Kobe Steel's presence in Europe.

Kobe Steel remains a pioneer in the titanium industry, and the award Uwe receives is a recognition of his dedicated work and the deep trust he has built over the years.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Uwe Friebertshäuser for his outstanding contributions and dedication. His thank-you letter to Kobe Steel is evidence of the strong bonds and appreciation that exist between our companies and partners.

We are proud to be part of this inspiring success story and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with Kobe Steel.


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