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S+D Logistics: A variety of services, innovative efficiency, and maximum availability

The problem: Industrial companies often face procurement problems when they need special stainless steels, pure titanium, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, and cobalt alloys on short notice. On the one hand, only a few stockists deal with high performance materials due to their very specific configuration. On the other hand, it is only possible to order the materials from production with long lead times and high minimum purchase quantities.

The solution: S+D METALS offers the metalworking industry and specialized processors exceptionally short delivery times in combination with very high supply reliability. Our in-house service center with high performance machining centers enable just-in-time delivery of goods cut to size and ready for manufacturing.

Delivery: The logistics concept of S+D METALS is internationally oriented in terms of procurement as well as delivery. Proven forwarding companies ensure that the material reaches the customer in time and at an optimal cost. Smaller cut-to-size materials are delivered by parcel delivery services.


S+D Organization: A professional approach with a commitment to quality

Our customers are served by experienced product specialists with extensive industry experience. As an industrial supplier, our quality management system is naturally based on ISO 9001. We also have aviation approval in accordance with EN 9120.

S+D Internationally: Your local contact

In Germany, the S+D METALS GmbH has its headquarters and warehouse in Stelle, just outside Hamburg, and a sales office in Düsseldorf.

Additional sales offices are located in Italy, France, and for Eastern Europe in the Czech Republic. In Great Britain, S+D Speciality Metals UK Ltd. has its headquarters in Birmingham. To better serve customers in the Asian region, we have opened a sales office in Vietnam.